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One of the best ways to spend a day on the water in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is to enjoy the sun, sunsets and all the other exciting things we do. From December to May, the weather in Fort Lauderdale is at its best, but as you can see, whether you are on land or at sea, nature with your loved one is one of our top activities you can do as a couple in Fort Lauderdale. Behind the scenes in Venice, it's one of the most romantic things we've done as a couple in Fort Lauderals, Florida.

Spring brings a new season of sunshine, fresh air and plenty of outdoor activities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Other attractions in Fort Lauderdale include an entire park dedicated to butterflies and a museum with a butterfly exhibit. The museum is full of activities for children, such as butterfly exhibitions, butterfly displays, butterflies and butterflies in the sky.

The Pompano Park harness race track is the perfect place to enjoy an evening of entertainment. It is the only horse race track in Florida - with a harness only. Any 954 - 972 - 2000 horse fan visiting Fort Lauderdale should take a trip to the Pompeo Park Carrying Railway to experience the best horse racing in Florida.

A visit to this beautiful museum is the perfect thing for any couple in Fort Lauderdale who want to combine history, learning and fun. Stranahan House Museum (pictured above) makes dancing one of the best things to do as a couple in Fort Miami Beach. There are also a number of fun things to do in the museum to keep cool in the heat. One of our favorite places to do something in Fort Lauderdale is the Fort Myers Beach Hotel, with its sundeck and stunning beach views.

Our recommended best attractions and activities for couples in Fort Lauderdale - Fort Myers Beach, Fort Miami Beach and the rest of Broward County.

Take a few days to explore and enjoy the incredible city of Fort Lauderdale and have a good time. We will be back to visit Dania Hallandale and Hollywood Beach, which will not disappoint! We take you on a boat trip to Fort Lauderdale and take you to some of the best activities in Fort Miami Beach, Fort Myers Beach and the rest of Broward County. Take a trip to one of our favorite places in the world to enjoy good food, good entertainment and good times.

Below are some of the suggested activities in and around the Fort Lauderdale Metropolitan Area, whether it's a day trip to Fort Miami Beach, Fort Myers Beach or the rest of Broward County.

One of the best ways to visit Fort Lauderdale is to visit this small town and enjoy the best things in life. Visit the NSU Art Museum in Ft. Lauderdale with your loved one for a day trip to one of Florida's most popular museums.

It is easy to spend a whole day there, but exercise some restraint if you want to do other things in Fort Lauderdale. You can find out which bars and restaurants are open and use the prices in low season or visit them in high summer. A list of all the things going on in Fort Lauderdale can never be complete without some great restaurants. After I moved on, I wanted to tell you the best things I did during my time in the city.

After all, Everglades National Park is right on your doorstep, and Fort Lauderdale is also known for its beautiful beaches and shipwrecked dive sites. There are plenty of must-do destinations, from historic houses to trendy restaurants, and some of the best beaches in the country.

So if you're planning a vacation in town, there are plenty of fun things to do with your kids in Fort Lauderdale. Free things for kids wanted: There are So many free and free things to do - to do In Fort Lauderdale, so much more than you thought.

First Beach: Greater Fort Lauderdale and Broward County have eight beaches, and they are located along a pretty boardwalk that runs along the seaside highway. On this route you will find beautiful beaches and hotels and resorts, including the Dania Beach Resort and the beautiful Palm Beach Gardens Resort. Like many resort hotels, Fort Lauderals Beach has plenty of bright sand and sparkling waters. Make this the best thing you can do in Fort Lauderdale to experience its incredible beach and get to Daniels Beach.

If you want to do something unique in Fort Lauderdale, we recommend the Las Olas Gondola Tour. One of the many options you can take during your visit to Fort Lauderals is a cruise in the Everglades Harbor. Shopping: If you're on vacation shopping, we recommend visiting the Fort Broward County Galleria and its many shops.

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